Friendly Return to Dalat

061May 2014 – Had a trip to Dalat with friends. I’ve been here once last year, so I tried to make the visit a bit different and hoped to achieve what I didn’t the last time. We only had 1 day to really tour Dalat, so we had a tight schedule & made our best effort to make this trip memorable.

We started the day at Datanla Falls. Enjoyed the Alpine coaster (controllable roller coaster) as I always did. We took a bunch of photos by the waterfall. We then, instead of taking the cable car through the ravine, went on foot to enjoy the natural scenery & the sunlight sipping through the forest trees and narrow pass.

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Business In Hong Kong

_DSC0996May 2014 – Visiting the business capital of Asia, the only business we had there was to trade for new experiences; and Hong Kong is a perfect place that offers more than stock exchange & financial services.

We stayed for 2 nights at Discovery Bay, before moving to Kowloon for another 2 nights to stay in the city center. Knowing we would be moving around (without a driver), & optimizing from our travel experiences, we traveled as light as possible.

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Bandung Trip For Rock Stars

DSC_0221Feb 2014 – This past holiday season, my family & I traveled to the famous city of Bandung, Indonesia. It was also my return to Bandung since 1995.

Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia, and is a city located in the highlands in center of Java. Being in higher ground, the city has a cool European like temperature. The city is also famous for the geological wonders that surround the city and have become a renowned knowledge center for geology & petroleum industry. The city is also rich in Dutch colonial heritages and is among the most popular tourist city in Indonesia.

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Tanjung Emas Muar

DSC_0369 Dec 2013 – Back when I was little, my father would always bring me to Tanjung Emas at the river mouth of Sungai Muar. Muarians simply call the place Tanjung. Traditionally, the area is a recreational park, with restaurants, rest houses, playgrounds. The beautiful Muar mosque is also located here.

Today, as Tanjung Emas continues to be the getaway location of the people of Muar, it also has transformed itself with more decorations, landmarks, proper side walks, developed boat tour services, and the most notably Tanjung Emas Square.

Our family also used to eat at the food court at Tanjung Emas. We found the food court to still exist, but with upgraded facilities & a nicer building. The shops, the stalls, the name of the stalls, are almost the same; at least in my memory.

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Our 1st Terry Fox Run

DSC_004324 Nov 2013 – Our family took part in the annual Terry Fox run in Ho Chi Minh City. The yearly charity event is meant to collect funds for cancer research, spreading awareness of the cause, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. There were literally thousands of people who participated in the campaign. People came from all of sorts, from adults, the old, the young, corporate representatives, school children, & families. The event was non-competitive, so many people jogged or simply walked or even went half way. Some even stopped by at the many mini-marts along the way to buy a drink, ice-cream or some snacks.

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There’s No Place Like.. Dai Nam

#WeekendChillout. Some 40 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, lies one of the largest tourism complex in Vietnam, Dai Nam Park. The unique mega park is inclusive of a complete zoo, amusement park, a man made beach and religious (buddhist) sanctuaries.

My family & I enjoyed this place so much that we visited this place twice this year. The place, like many other Vietnamese theme parks, is large yet calm and not crowded. It’s perfect for my family that doesn’t like to queue up nor press around for space.

_DSC5452During our first visit, we covered most of the places in the complex; strolled the zoo, walked by the big temples, ventured around the amusement park & finally went for a swim at the artificial beach to close the day.

For our second visit, we spent the whole day only at the zoo & the beach, which are the 2 most interesting places, in my opinion.

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Never Tired of Vung Tau

_DSC9533Vung Tau is a sea port city 100 km east of Ho Chi Minh City. There are shipyards, fabrication yards, supply base, ships & rigs in transit. But Vung Tau is also the place for tourism, a beach getaway & fine seafood.

My family & I made it to Vung Tau at least 3 times in 2013. We basically made day trips each time and almost repeated the same activities, but with different family guests from our home country. However , each trip never failed to excite us. In this post, I will share about our whole day trip itinerary and other optional activities in Vung Tau

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Kembali Ke Siem Reap 2013

_DSC6231Mei 2013 – Alhamdulillah. Ini kedatangan kedua buat saya dan keluarga ke Siem Reap. Cuma kali ini kami membawa ahli keluarga kami yg terbaru, Aflah Muhajir, bersama. Berbeza dengan pengembaraan sebelum ini, kali ini kami datang menaiki Cambodia Angkor Air dan menginap di Le Meridien.

Kami dibawa mengembara oleh anak murid Ustaz Musa bernama Nasir. Kami tetap tak lepaskan peluang ke Angkor Wat lagi sekali dan pusing2 membeli belah di pasar baru dan lama di pusat bandar.

Pengalaman baru kami kali ini adalah kami ke Tasik Tonle Sap melalui terusan lain iaitu Chong Khneas. Laluannya kelihatan sedang dibangunkan untuk tujuan komersil berbanding sungai Tahas di Kampong Phluk yang kami lalui pada 2012 lalu.

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Ha Long Bay: 1/7 Natural Wonders Of The World

_DSC9361Aug 2013 – A bit of an unorthodox Eidul Fitr for us as we happen to spend the 2nd day of Eid up in Ha Long for a cruise through Ha Long Bay, 1 of the 7 wonders of the world and a UNESCO-declared World Heritage area.

We rented a junk boat for a whole day private tour for our family. We were taken to the major attractions such as the Sung Sot Cave. We were also taken to a beach on 1 of the islands for a swim.

Alhamdulillah (praise to God) for the golden experience to witness one of the most beautiful & treasured sites in the world.

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Take your talent to where it’s worth!

20130809_103134(0)Proud to have met Mr. Yusuf Ismail, a Cham professional singer. He has the ability to sing in 15 languages including Spanish, French & Malay. He is also younger brother to Hj Idris, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Muslim Representative Committee.

I happened to meet him at the airport on my way to Hai Phong. He on the other hand was off to a Da Nang for a performance. I interestedly listened to him talking about his passion & his pursuance. I believe he is happily at his best condition, self-determined, on the right course to achieve what he set out to achieve, disregarding bad perceptions & unbelievably pushing his limits; and to me that is all that matters for a person to be considered a success.

I wish him further success & hope he never gives up in his ventures.