Pengembaraan Ke Sempadan Vietnam-China

April 2015 – Sebahagian daripada kerja kejuruteraan subsurface & geologi adalah mengkaji pembentukan muka bumi, sistem pemendapan sedimen, peristiwa tektonik, dan mengkaji singkapan batu.

Saya bersama rakan-rakan sepasukan berkesempatan mengembara selama 6 hari ke utara Vietnam sehingga ke sempadan China untuk mengkaji formasi-formasi batu pergunungan dan pemendapan di sana. Kami mengembara merentas 2 provinsi: Ha Giang & Cao Bang, untuk mengkaji bumi Allah demi menyingkap secebis dari rahsia-rahsianya buat manfaat sejagat. Kawasan melintas 2 provinsi ini diiktiraf sebagai taman geologi negara & kesemulajadiannya dipelihara dengan baik & juga menjadi tarikan buat pencinta keindahan alam.

_DSC5155 _DSC5053

Saya tak pasti sama ada sudah pernah ada orang Malaysia menjejaki pergunungan ini. Namun, dalam catatan ini, saya akan bercerita dari sudut pengembaraan, dan tempat-tempat menarik untuk dilawati biarpun bukan dari ahli kaji bumi. Mungkin akan ada lagi orang Malaysia yang tertarik untuk datang menikmati keunikan utara Vietnam ini.

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My Sparse Experience In Hanoi

20130710_152840I’ve been to Hanoi for work a few times throughout 2013 to 2015. In those working days, I also took the chance to tour around the city with my colleagues. I think all the interesting places I visited, which I’m about to share, could be compressed into a single day tour of Hanoi.

In Hanoi, there are a number of sites to visit for gaining knowledge, learning cultures, connecting with people or just simply to relax. Hanoi is an old city, existed for hundreds of years, and has been the capital of the Dai Viet people for centuries. Thus the city is rich in original Dai Viet history & heritage, also modern history & depiction of the current state & regime of Vietnam. There are many lakes in the city which provide a soothing view to the capital city.

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Nha Trang & The World’s Longest Over Sea Cable Car

DSC_0303June 2014 – My mother & youngest brother came to visit me & my kids here in Vietnam. Having said that, we all took the opportunity to travel to the central coast of Vietnam, to the city of Nha Trang. It took about an hour flight from HCMC. Flying by night, the most eye-catching view from above the Nha Trang skyline is the lights from the cable car structures connecting the mainland to Hon Tre island. The cable car is the longest over water cable car in the world spanning 3 km long.
Spending some 3 days here, we went around the coastal city to indulge in its history, nature and recreational development.

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Po Nagar: Tinggalan Kesenian Champa

FB_IMG_1422795984074Tamadun Champa sebelum kedatangan Islam kaya dengan seni yang bertemakan mistik dan percampuran agama dan kepercayaan tempatan.

Kuil Po Nagar di Nha Trang, Vietnam ini antara struktur Champa kuno yang masih berdiri dan terpelihara hingga ke hari ini, sebagai bukti bangsa ini merupakan bangsa yang halus jiwa artistiknya dan mampu membangunkan struktur2 yang mampu tahan ujian zaman.

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Our 1st Terry Fox Run

DSC_004324 Nov 2013 – Our family took part in the annual Terry Fox run in Ho Chi Minh City. The yearly charity event is meant to collect funds for cancer research, spreading awareness of the cause, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. There were literally thousands of people who participated in the campaign. People came from all of sorts, from adults, the old, the young, corporate representatives, school children, & families. The event was non-competitive, so many people jogged or simply walked or even went half way. Some even stopped by at the many mini-marts along the way to buy a drink, ice-cream or some snacks.

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There’s No Place Like.. Dai Nam

#WeekendChillout. Some 40 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, lies one of the largest tourism complex in Vietnam, Dai Nam Park. The unique mega park is inclusive of a complete zoo, amusement park, a man made beach and religious (buddhist) sanctuaries.

My family & I enjoyed this place so much that we visited this place twice this year. The place, like many other Vietnamese theme parks, is large yet calm and not crowded. It’s perfect for my family that doesn’t like to queue up nor press around for space.

_DSC5452During our first visit, we covered most of the places in the complex; strolled the zoo, walked by the big temples, ventured around the amusement park & finally went for a swim at the artificial beach to close the day.

For our second visit, we spent the whole day only at the zoo & the beach, which are the 2 most interesting places, in my opinion.

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Never Tired of Vung Tau

_DSC9533Vung Tau is a sea port city 100 km east of Ho Chi Minh City. There are shipyards, fabrication yards, supply base, ships & rigs in transit. But Vung Tau is also the place for tourism, a beach getaway & fine seafood.

My family & I made it to Vung Tau at least 3 times in 2013. We basically made day trips each time and almost repeated the same activities, but with different family guests from our home country. However , each trip never failed to excite us. In this post, I will share about our whole day trip itinerary and other optional activities in Vung Tau

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