7 Essences of Travelling

imageI always enjoy traveling. I was a traveller practically from birth. When I was 4 month old, my parents took me on my first flight off to the USA, and my life is full of journeys & wonderful experiences since. I always kept track on the countries & Malaysian states I visited. I studied abroad, work overseas & I’m always excited about outstations, better yet international postings ; which make me feel like a global citizen. Til this day, I still travel a lot, often along with my family. My journeys are what define me & make me grateful of my life.

While it is common to say that people travel to gain new experience, meet new people, & try new things, here I jot down some 7 essences & lessons in traveling that you can realize in every journey you make:

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Mapping Your Own (Life’s) Journey

_DSC2787Our recent journeys this Tet/CNY season re-taught us a lesson; to be more creative than establishments to realize the best you can achieve & the things you can discover beyond common limits.

Systems, machines & technology are meant to assist, but often are dry, lack intelligence & disconnected from human realities. They would just provide the easiest way calculatable & never put a thought on human factors such as feelings, emotions, comfort, strength, endurance & experience. Even if it provide options, it would not be smart enough to give the best recommendation or even perfect combination.

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Organic vs Instant

I’m an organic person. I believe in natural talent, careers, relationship, etc. I understand people are trying to make instants, organized or commercial stuff.

But I believe no plastic tree can replace a natural tree, although you may force everything to look the same. I also don’t believe in cosmetics to cover up or make it seem like plastic looks ok.

At everything I do, I ensure it occurs organically, then I will pursue it. I do not believe in magic that come out of no where. Must be fake.

To me, the awareness & determination to ensure natural occurrence, progress & growth gives focus and focus leads to achievements. Focus may also bring the power of acceleration, which eventually would lead to breakthroughs.

On the other hand, an instant copycat would just want to look around at what people are doing, and supposedly replicate the same process, but lack the natural due diligence. Results & achievements would be far despite believing that achieving is simple in steps.

Thus, aim for breakthroughs, you will find the importance of organic growth, and you will not believe in shortcuts, parachutes, instants or artificial manufactures.

A Shaky Take-Off

20140511_183209Our flight to Dalat started with a shaky take off. But the pilot somehow managed to maneuver the plane into stability after some time. Not to mention the air turbulences along the way. I could feel the pilot struggling from the beginning to ensure a safe arrival to our destination. Alhamdulillah we made it and I acclaim the pilot.

Not all people have a good start in things. But what’s important is your effort to steer yourself through the challenges to reach your destination.

So dont worry. If you make it, you’ ll have 1000 of great stories of your unique journey. After all, writers are those who write something new, not rewriting a textbook.

Career Milestone

29/4/2014, KLCC – On this day, I have passed my TPCP in Petronas, assessed by Dr. Daulat Mamora from Texas, USA. I was told, at a shy age of 30, I was the youngest person, in reservoir engineering discipline, to ever pass this assessment in company history. Alhamdulillah.

I thank my parents, wife, family, friends, & superiors for all their support.


Peranan Kaum Dalam Sejarah Islam

Islam agama pertengahan dalam semua aspek. Dalam soal kepelbagaian kaum dalam Islam, kepentingan kaum dirai dan dihormati sebagai satu realiti, bukan dihapuskan atas dasar kesamarataan.

Sbg contoh, Khalifah melantik Salman sebagai Gabenor Madain/Ctesiphon (Ibu negara Persia), bukan org lain spt Saad Abi Waqqas, sdgkan beliau Panglima yg memimpin dalam pembukaan Parsi. Tentunya kerana Salman itu sendiri satu2nya figur dari kalangan orang Parsi yang paling soleh dan alim dan realistik untuk diterima penduduk tempatan.

Di dalam perang Yamamah menentang Musailamah Al-Kazab, Khalid Al-Walid pernah cuba mencampur adukkan barisan2nya dengan kepelbagaian puak/kaum, namun tak menjadi dan membawa lebih banyak kematian dan menghampiri kekalahan. Keesokannya apabila Khalid menyusun tenteranya secara tradisi semula mengikut kaum, ternyata membuahkan hasil dan formula ini berterusan dalam hampir semua perang. Begitulah pada setiap kaum itu ada kekuatan.

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