Mapping Your Own (Life’s) Journey

_DSC2787Our recent journeys this Tet/CNY season re-taught us a lesson; to be more creative than establishments to realize the best you can achieve & the things you can discover beyond common limits.

Systems, machines & technology are meant to assist, but often are dry, lack intelligence & disconnected from human realities. They would just provide the easiest way calculatable & never put a thought on human factors such as feelings, emotions, comfort, strength, endurance & experience. Even if it provide options, it would not be smart enough to give the best recommendation or even perfect combination.

Here’s where human factor comes. To use intelligence, experience, conscience & deep feelings to analyze & produce the best solution for all, with no regrets.

Don’t be gullible to easily accept a mechanical recommendation just because the machinery is established. Not all programs are smartly equipped with optimzers. Optimization is a next step to many. Thus, we should be even more cautious & suspicious knowing how systems work, especially when it relates to our personal life.

Be smart. System is a tool, not a direction. Use it to navigate, not to determine. I have seen many failures & they simply blame the system/tool. No use hiding behind it, since it never really cared if you got lost in the 1st place.

Map your own path & lifeflow according to your “high class” requirements & the life you have built. Outzoom to a bigger picture & you will be wise to choose the most applicable solution for you. Use your heart, knowledge & experience to guide in decision.

p/s: Google map & GPS direction did not provide me optimum paths. Knowledge on the specific area & navigation experience brought us around much better. Just related this to life’s philosophy to not be naive to programs.


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