Organic vs Instant

I’m an organic person. I believe in natural talent, careers, relationship, etc. I understand people are trying to make instants, organized or commercial stuff.

But I believe no plastic tree can replace a natural tree, although you may force everything to look the same. I also don’t believe in cosmetics to cover up or make it seem like plastic looks ok.

At everything I do, I ensure it occurs organically, then I will pursue it. I do not believe in magic that come out of no where. Must be fake.

To me, the awareness & determination to ensure natural occurrence, progress & growth gives focus and focus leads to achievements. Focus may also bring the power of acceleration, which eventually would lead to breakthroughs.

On the other hand, an instant copycat would just want to look around at what people are doing, and supposedly replicate the same process, but lack the natural due diligence. Results & achievements would be far despite believing that achieving is simple in steps.

Thus, aim for breakthroughs, you will find the importance of organic growth, and you will not believe in shortcuts, parachutes, instants or artificial manufactures.


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