Take your talent to where it’s worth!

20130809_103134(0)Proud to have met Mr. Yusuf Ismail, a Cham professional singer. He has the ability to sing in 15 languages including Spanish, French & Malay. He is also younger brother to Hj Idris, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Muslim Representative Committee.

I happened to meet him at the airport on my way to Hai Phong. He on the other hand was off to a Da Nang for a performance. I interestedly listened to him talking about his passion & his pursuance. I believe he is happily at his best condition, self-determined, on the right course to achieve what he set out to achieve, disregarding bad perceptions & unbelievably pushing his limits; and to me that is all that matters for a person to be considered a success.

I wish him further success & hope he never gives up in his ventures.


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