Tanjung Emas Muar

DSC_0369 Dec 2013 – Back when I was little, my father would always bring me to Tanjung Emas at the river mouth of Sungai Muar. Muarians simply call the place Tanjung. Traditionally, the area is a recreational park, with restaurants, rest houses, playgrounds. The beautiful Muar mosque is also located here.

Today, as Tanjung Emas continues to be the getaway location of the people of Muar, it also has transformed itself with more decorations, landmarks, proper side walks, developed boat tour services, and the most notably Tanjung Emas Square.

Our family also used to eat at the food court at Tanjung Emas. We found the food court to still exist, but with upgraded facilities & a nicer building. The shops, the stalls, the name of the stalls, are almost the same; at least in my memory.

Our trip to Muar, this December was a short trip to celebrate my aunt’s 54th birthday. We took the opportunity in the evening to visit Tanjung Emas. It was reminiscing to me, as I, in turn brought my children here to enjoy the windy estuary of Muar. It feels full circle. We flew kites, rode ride-on toy cars, and had a fun family time. It reminded me so much of my adventurous childhood.

Some places in this world, as simple as they are, feel so special to some people, as they store deep & fond memories no matter how unrecognizable the place has evolved.

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