One In A Million

Wrote a song. It’s called “One In A Million”. Only I know how it sounds like. Sharing the lyrics here.


Verse 1:

Like the north star
Shine to show the way
A rare light that you are

Like a soaring falcon
Flying, so majestic
Wings of heart you are


You are my conscience
To keep me going, my inspiration
You are my guidance
To keep me moving, my motivation
You’re all I ever wanted, can’t you see
You’re one in a million to me

Verse 2 :

Like a shining pearl
Hidden in the sea
I’ll find you where you are

Raindrops in the summer
Sunshine for the winter
Winds of hope you are

(Repeat chorus)


You’ve always been the one I’m searching for
You’ll always be the one I’m dreaming of
Take me to that fantasy
Light will show our destiny
The wonder that we are

(Repeat chorus)

But the only chance for you to notice me
Is one in a million to me


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