London Bridge Was Falling Down Because Of Us

20130620_130703Alhamdulillah. London was our final destination in our 2013 Euro trip.

After landing in Heathrow, we immediately rented a car, a brand new Fiat 500, to travel around.

Our first destination was Oxford to visit our good friends Yusri & Balqis. We stayed at their place for 1 night & had a good session catching up old times, opening up about hard times living overseas & talked about opportunities for the future. We all went out touring downtown Oxford & visited the university. I also personally went around with Yusri to the mosque & grocery store just to have a glimpse of life in Oxford.

IMG_7933 IMG_7931

The next day, we drove down south to Stonehenge, to visit the historical site. The complex was unfortunately closed when we arrived, but was clearly visible from the roadside. We decided to return back as we were heading to Bicester village for shopping. Bicester closed at 7pm, but we managed to shop to the very last minute before the center closed for the day. We then went back to London to spend the night as the next day was reserved for touring London city.

In London, in a day’s tour, we visited the monumental landmarks of the old city such as Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square, Big Ben, strolled along the River Thames, saw the eye of London, walked pass the London Tower and visited the Tower Bridge. Amazingly, we walked most of the time and enjoyed strolling the city. We only took the London Underground to get from Westminster to Tower Hill, as it was too far for a walk. Overall, it was definitely a fulfilling day for our family to tour London city and visit its famous landmarks.

We left for Malaysia on the 4th day in London after some amazing 10 days in Europe. Words could not express our joy for this momentous family trip. But some picture sharing here could perhaps provide the thousand words explanation. Goodbye Europe. See you again some other time!


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